Webinar 'The new normal on ITV - Sustainable Challenges'

Along with the leader of the ATP, the panel of the debate that took place this Wednesday also included Riopele's R&D director, Albertina Reis, the CEO of TINTEX Textiles, Ricardo Silva, the CEO of SASIA Reciclagem, Miguel Ribeiro Silva , and journalist Mariana D'Orey, from T Jornal, as moderator.

At a meeting aimed at taking the impacts of the pandemic without sustainable challenges in the national textile sector, the president of ATP also recalled that, despite the need for policies and legislation the final consumer has a key role in the entire production chain. “It is necessary to train the companies' commercials, to communicate in a simple way the processes and materials used and to reach emotions. If we communicate well and clearly, we have the consumer on our side ”, he warned.

Recycling, which, according to Miguel Ribeiro da Silva, “went from garbage to luxury” was another topic debated in the webinar this Wednesday, and for the CEO of SASIA Reciclagem “it is necessary to give time to the processes” . “We cannot expect that suddenly all textile articles will be recycled and that they will incorporate the processes of the companies from which they are revised. The key here is to recycle: whether for use by the company itself or for other purposes. That is what a true circular economy is, ”he adds.

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