Pre and post-consumer textile waste recycling governed by innovation and sustainability.


Close the production cycle of the Textile Industry, being recognized for its high quality and sustainability.


Ethics, Trust, Rigor, Respect for the environment, Innovation, Quality
Máquina a desfazer resíduos têxteis - Sasia
Maquinaria Laroche da Sasia
Fardo de fibras têxteis embalado - Sasia
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Bales of textile waste


Collection of pre and post consumer textile waste.

White textile fibers


We recycle textile waste and produce quality, sustainable textile fibers.


Quality Control

We test regularly
the quality of our product.



We produce the most varied textile fibers that are then distributed to various industries.

Our fibers take on new purposes






Car Industry

Pioneiros na reciclagem têxtil desde


Pioneers in textile recycling since 1952

Pioneiros na reciclagem têxtil desde:

Graphic of the fundamentals of Sasia

Sasia was founded on September 1st, 1952, by Mr. Libório Ribeiro de Silva, and has now, Miguel José Sarmento Ribeiro de Silva, as the current chairman of the board.

The company started its activity in cleaning cotton, for spinning. Over the years and following the evolution of the market, it has invested in infrastructures, as well as in new technologies that currently allow production with greater quality and diversity.

With 69 years of experience, Sasia is genuinely committed to building long and reliable business relationships and is proud to provide a service that adapts to each customer’s requirements.

Sustainability and Recycling

Landfill with tones of textile waste

Thousands of tons of textiles end up in landfills every year. By reusing or recycling waste from the textile industry and its products, we can change that reality.

Why use recycled materials?

Reduce resource consumption
Decrease environmental impact
Reuse of the value chain

Sasia intends to contribute to the reduction of the ecological footprint,

developing a complete and efficient life cycle for your products, creating a stable and sustainable system in which waste never accumulates.

Recycling is the most viable way to reduce textile waste. Since 1952, Sasia promotes Circular Economy together with its customers and partners, contributing to the reduction of waste with the aim of making it a raw material again, increasing competitiveness and promoting innovation.

Hands holding white recycled textile fibers