Strengthening innovative textile
circularity in Europe’s regions

In the framework of the European Green Deal, RegioGreenTex is a project promoting the collaboration in research and development for the textile industry to establish a systematic circular economy business model across the EU.



Map the needs and potentiality in the implementation of a circular economy among European regions and clusters and their different levels of economic development.


Build a dynamic recycling textile ecosystem at European level by making demand and offer meet on a shared digital platform.


Support SMEs pilot projects to accelerate the creation, development and use of new textile materials with increased recycled content by sharing technologies and methodologies.


Create five regional textile recycling hubs in line with the ReHubs initiative and consistent with the EU textile strategy and with the needs of SMEs.


RegioGreenTex ultimately aims at generating investment opportunities at regional level beyond the project.


RegioGreenTex promotes the collaboration in research and development between 43 partners from the four major sectors of society – industry, government, research institutes, and the public – for the textile industry. Partners come from 11 regions in 8 European countries:

– Flanders (BE)
– East Netherlands (NL)
– Hauts-de-France & Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (FR)
– Piedmont & Tuscany (IT)
– Norte Portugal (PT)
– North East Romania (RO)
– Catalunya & Valencia (ES)
– Västra Götaland (SE)

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