The future of recycling lies in post-consumer

70 years ago, Sasia began by recycling cotton waste from the spinning mills established in the former colonies, transforming this waste into fibers that would be incorporated again into
yarn. Today, the company, which employs 30 people, maintains the same spirit although with raw materials from other regions and different production units, which after going through the
recycling process are incorporated into articles for the fashion, mattress industry, automotive, horticulture, construction, and geotextiles.

SASIA’s CEO Miguel Silva – who is also accompanied by his father and founder Libório Silva and, for a year now, by his daughter Mariana Silva – believes the future will involve a focus on
post-consumer recycling, an area already covered by the investment of 10 million euros that Sasia has in progress until 2025 and that has already brought to its facilities the first seven-cylinder Jumbo shredding machine, especially designed and built by Andritz, for the production of fibres for spinning.

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