Sasia starts new generation of textile recycling machines

It is a world novelty that has been operating since February at Sasia. A machine that cuts, shreds, standardizes fibers and, finally, bales, transforming textile waste into a new generation of recycled fibers for the production of yarns with a quality level never reached before. Developed in collaboration with Sasia by the Austrian manufacturer Andritz Laroche, it occupies an entire hall and recycles over 1,000 kilos per hour, with zero water consumption or use of chemicals.

Miguel Silva, CEO of Sasia highlights above all “the ability to produce a differentiated article, premium material for niche market segments that we want to reach, spinning articles for finer and higher quality yarns”. At the same time, it also obtains environmental gains and an increase in production of around 20%.

Andritz itself announced the news, reporting on the “successful installation of the cutting-edge cutting line for spinning fibers delivered to Sasia at its facilities in Ribeirão, Portugal”. The new equipment, “includes a seven-cylinder shredding machine dedicated to fiber spinning and contains the latest fiber opening innovation with state-of-the-art technology”.

The manufacturer further explains that “has been working closely with Sasia for over half a century, offering cutting-edge recycling solutions as well as all fine-tuning customizations tailored to Sasia’s goals.”

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