Sasia celebrates 70 years in textile recycling

The company founded in 1952 celebrated its 70th anniversary with a growth in turnover, leveraged by new investments in innovation and technology, and a renewal of the image in line with Sasia's pioneering spirit in textile recycling.
A meeting with the workers and the founder of the company, Libório Silva, was one of the highlights of the celebrations of seven decades of Sasia's activity, but the pioneer in textile recycling has more reasons to celebrate.

"The year of our 70th anniversary was excellent. 2022 was a year in which we made great investments to stay at the forefront in technology, quality and sustainability" explains Miguel Silva,
CEO of Sasia and second generation at the helm of the business. "Having a company that turns 70, and whose founder is still in the company, is a source of pride and is a lot of responsibility for those who continue, who have the obligation to continue for another 70 years" says to Portugal Têxtil.

Since 1952, the company has invested in textile recycling, a business decision that has taken on even greater importance in recent years. Sasia, an ISO 9001 and GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified company, also assumes the mission of «contributing to a more sustainable world, promoting the reduction of waste with the aim of making it a raw material again and gaining a new life in a wide range of industries».

A vision that is now reflected in its image, which was renewed this year «making it lighter, minimalist and with earth tones, conveying the sustainability and naturalness of its final product», reveals Mariana Silva, the third generation involved in the business.

Year of expansion

In 2022, Sasia's turnover is expected to rise by around 40% to 7 million euros. «It was an extra year because of the increase in prices, but also because of the investments we made. This year we continued to invest heavily in technology and innovation, and this gave us more quality, which is our main concern as company more than quantity. It has always been our focus and it will continue to be to try to reach new market niches and develop value-added materials. The investments we made this year also allowed us to be in other markets and make other types of differentiated materials, which led to an increase in turnover», points out Miguel Silva.

With an export share of around 80%, concentrated especially in Europe, but equally diversified across Africa and Latin America, and across various market segments «which is our defense number 1», guarantees the CEO, Sasia hopes the new year will bring confirmation of the company's strategy.
«2023 will be a year of consolidation. If we achieve the same goals as in 2022, it would already be an excellent year», admits Miguel Silva.

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