New-generation tearing line delivered to Sasia

In January 2022, international technology group Andritz successfully started up its latest-generation tearing line for spinning grade fibers delivered to Sasia at its Ribeirão premises, Portugal.

The scope of supply includes a seven-cylinder Jumbo tearing machine dedicated to spinning grade fibers. As the first of its kind in Portugal, the machine contains the latest Andritz Laroche innovation for fiber opening, featuring a new-generation pinning configuration.

Andritz has worked closely with Sasia for more than half a century, offering both cutting-edge solutions for recycling as well as every possible fine-tuning customization to support Sasia’s goals. Sasia’s plant now has four state-of-the-art Andritz Laroche tearing lines.

Miguel Silva, CEO of Sasia, says: “This equipment will drive the company towards greater productivity and to greater value-added production, reinforcing its capacity to develop distinguished products through innovative technologies that contribute to the progress of the value chain.”

A pioneer in the textile recycling industry since its foundation in 1952, Sasia is engaged in the circular economy with the aim of reducing textile waste by turning it into usable raw material again, increasing ability to compete as well as promoting innovation and sustainability.

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