Euratex project puts Portugal at the center of Recycling

RegioGreenTex, explains Euratex, aims to be a tool to achieve the objective of making Europe an example for the rest of the world with regard to textile recycling.

«With the creation of RegioGreenTex Regional Hubs, partners – including companies, researchers, associations and policymakers – will come together in five European regions to define the strategy, roadmap and related activities to create tangible circular textile ecosystems», indicates the European textile and clothing confederation.

The project “was designed to promote R&D collaboration at EU level aimed at creating circular business models. Among other goals, it is intended that with this project recycling Hubs (not centers) will be created in several European countries, involving one or several companies, built in regional and European coordination, with the sharing of good practices and logistical mechanisms that allow the specialization of some", explains António Braz Costa, general director of CITEVE, to Portugal Têxtil. «Portugal did not participate in the Euratex ReHub initiative, however this initiative ended up not achieving the results initially expected and, when RegioGreenTex was launched precisely to allow the pursuit of unachieved objectives, Portugal had already demonstrated R&D and industrial capabilities that are so relevant in matters of recycling that its inclusion in this consortium was natural», he adds.

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